Quiz 3


Your Quiz Summary
1 .   What is a power machine's "throw"?
       Correct Answer: The direct line out from the tool.
       Your Answer: The material the machine operates on.
2 .   Which of these is an acceptable jacking point?
       Your Answer: None of these is acceptable
3 .   Using a jack at an inappropriate jacking point
       Your Answer: Both A & B are correct.
4 .   Two precautions to stabilize a lifted vehicle are:
       Your Answer: Block the wheels opposite the jack and activate the parking brake.
5 .   Defective or unsafe tools should be:
       Your Answer: Tagged and reported to the supervisor.
6 .   Which of the following will compromise the efficiency of a tool?
       Your Answer: All of the above.
7 .   Be prepared to stop a power tool at any time by
       Your Answer: Keeping a finger on the switch at all times
8 .   In which position should the jack lever be left when a vehicle is raised?
       Your Answer: Upright
9 .   Why is the risk of fire and electrocution greater in portable tools than in stationary tools?
       Correct Answer: Because portable tools are more likely to move into volatile areas.
       Your Answer: Because most stationary tools are not electric.
10 .   Which is not a safe rule for power tools?
       Your Answer: Make adjustments with the machine plugged in.