There are no excuses for your technicians not to get trained. Content is delivered via mobile apps where users can train anytime and anywhere. Short bursts of fun, engaging content keep people coming back and wanting more.


Brain Science

Our brains just aren’t built to remember a firehose of information. Content is delivered in bite-sized bursts of information and other techniques proven by science to make training memorable. Minutes a day turns into long-term business success.



No technology will change employee behavior if they don’t like using it. We weave in user motivation tools that tap into the desire to self-challenge, meet goals and win. People earn points for answering questions or encouraging other colleagues. These points can be redeemed for prizes which hooks them to return to the platform again and again.



Today’s Class Technician allows people can ask and answer questions, post articles and provide helpful content. They have access to discussion groups/communicate with peers to learn or solve problems, along with community-specific certifications. Understand where you are compared to others in your industry and even compete with other shops for fun.