Training that moves the needle

Train on the job, see measurable progress, and meet your business goals.

Training that moves the needle

Train on the job, see measurable progress, and meet your business goals.

Developing Your Team Is More Than Checking a Box

We believe that learning and communication should fit seamlessly into your daily operations to boost performance. Everyone on your team has unique strengths and weaknesses, which is why we've developed an approach that personalizes training to better align with your business's needs and goals.

Train Without Sacrificing Productivity

With more traditional training it can be difficult and stressful trying to make time and avoid disruptions. The way we do training takes only minutes a day, never forcing you to choose between training and productivity again.

See Measurable

It isn't easy to see the impact training courses are having on your shop. Gain insight about your team members' progress to see the real-time effect on your business so you can track improvement.

Solutions For Your Whole Business

Work as a team, learn as a team. Each of your employees has a unique role to play. Get training for your technicians and service advisors while giving your managers a powerful tool to track training progress and identify knowledge gaps.

Features You'll Love

One-size-fits all rarely works for everyone, especially when it comes to learning. Whether an apprentice or an expert, our software is constantly assessing their unique strengths and weaknesses to deliver a tailor-made curriculum as they grow. 

Learning can be more than “checking the box.” Research has shown that making the process fun and dynamic improves information retention. As users complete their daily training, they'll earn points and compete with other team members. Leverage this friendly competition to boost engagement and reward your team.

What your team knows, and more importantly, what they don’t know has significant implications for your business. Within Today’s Class, you can identify strengths and weaknesses at the shop and individual level with a few clicks.

The classroom can be wherever you are. Connect via our app or the web and train whenever and wherever it's convenient. Assess and increase your knowledge in 3-5 minute sessions and see improvement over time.


How It Works

Train A Little Each Day 

Each day users will be prompted to answer a few questions or work through a module as a part of their daily training. Instead of one and done training event, daily training keeps information fresh in the learner's mind, leading to long-term knowledge retention.

Dive Deeper

Just because daily training takes just a few minutes out of each day to complete, it doesn't mean the learning has to stop there. With just a few clicks, users have access to a wealth of additional articles to further their education on their own schedules. 

See Progress Over Time

Track how team members are improving in comparison to where they started. See exactly how much they are progressing, and in which areas. This detailed insight helps managers and owners keep a pulse on their team's strengths and weaknesses.

What Clients Are Saying

The training offers a good mix that is broken up nicely and really keeps our employees engaged.  It is nice to receive training daily, keeping our employees on top of it.

Marc Davis
Marc’s Garage

We often received employee satisfaction surveys that asked for more professional training opportunities.  It is our goal as a company to provide our customers with exceptional service with a focus on safety, professionalism, and outstanding technical skills, so a partnership with Today’s Class Technician and TIA was a great fit for our needs.

The program is easy to manage and customized to our job descriptions, from trainees to management.  In about 5 minutes a day, our employees receive high-quality content that builds confidence and knowledge.  In our current job market, we consider this benefit to be something that sets us apart from the competition, and we have enjoyed the added bonus of rewarding our participants in fun and exciting ways.

Debbie Graham
Graham Truck Centers

You have a product that can revolutionize training. I have run into no one who does not like it.

Tom Ham
Auto Centric

Using Today’s Class Training led to a culture change within my shop. Learning and becoming a better technician is now a common topic of conversation.

The program is user friendly and easy to implement from a shop owner point of view.  I spend 10 minutes a day, as well as an additional hour per month administering the program.  I would highly recommend Today’s Class Training to any shop owner who is looking to inject some training into their shop's culture.

Tom Sumwalt
Tom's Auto Center

My young guys love it because it allows them access to 24/7 training. It is such a nice talking point in one-on-one conversation, and I also love that I can see training results and problem areas allowing me another conversation point when needed.

My seasoned guys love the multiple levels of training. They want to get to level 4 just to prove what they got! Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price!!

Mike Veenstra
Veenstra’s Garage

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