Optimize Fleet Performance

Grow your business by giving your team members the personalized training they need to excel. Our adaptive and engaging learning tools help users develop essential skills and retain that knowledge, all in just 3 to 5 minutes a day.

Learning impact across fleet customers in 2022


Daily Training Sessions

(3 to 5 minute sessions)


Knowledge Refresh Sessions

(AI-triggered remedial training)


Extra Training Sessions


Transform Your Team

Transform Your Fleet Service Operations

Training for the commercial transportation industry needs to be updated. To hire and develop top talent, you must adapt to how your team will best succeed. To optimize your team, you need the tools and technology to help them grow their capabilities. 

Technicians and service advisors keep fleets rolling and drive your business. Training for these team members is important for your fleet business to thrive. Training helps to ensure the safety of your technicians as they work on your vehicles and also improves your shop's performance by teaching technicians how to use and maintain your fleet's equipment properly. Investing in the training and development of these key teammates pays measurable dividends in increased revenue and efficiencies.

Optimizing performance requires that each team member grow their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. Investing in our technology will create consistent habits to accomplish this.

Training for Your Fleet

Gain peace of mind that your team is working safely by monitoring each technician’s knowledge and improvement in safety basics.

Save time and money by pre-screening your candidates. Invest in your team by providing them with the tools and training they need to grow.

Training doesn’t have to be difficult to measure. Today’s Class data reports give shop owners a comprehensive view of their training budget ROI.


Technician Training Done Differently

Daily Engagement

Drive continuous improvement through daily training and engagement. Just 3 to 5 minutes daily can maximize your team's knowledge potential and reinforce standard operating procedures.


Inspire employees to engage through individual and team-based competitions, incentives, and rewards.

Personalized Content

Training content adapts to users' strengths and weaknesses to optimize their learning experience.

Mobile Accessible

Today's Class training is accessible through any connected device, with a mobile app (iOS and Android) and an online platform.

Community Support

Create company-specific discussion groups and share best practices, tech tips, and more among your team.

Real-Time Reporting

Easy-to-use reporting tools help you identify risks and opportunities. Ensure your people have the skills and knowledge needed to serve your customers.

Designed for the way we learn today.

Optimize the Performance of Your Fleet by Investing in Your Team.

Content Personalized for Your
Technicians and Service Advisors

Learn about the content paths available to your fleet. From there, Today's Class will adapt training into bite-sized chunks using advanced algorithms to increase knowledge retention.

Advanced Driver
Assistance Systems

Advanced Vehicle


Drivetrain & Axles


Engine Performances
& Emissions

Engine Repair




Safety, Tools,
and Equipment

Service Writer
& Managerial

Steering, Suspension,
& Alignment

Tire and
Wheel Service

Create Your Own

Frequently Asked Questions

Today's Class is pre-loaded with training content for light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles.

Today's Class is a great fit for mobile service technicians.  Given the training is available on mobile devices, your mobile techs can train no matter where they are.  Further, given mobile technicians are often customer-facing, Today's Class can deliver training on communication and sales skills, in addition to technical training.

Today's Class includes a wealth of reporting and analytics tools.  Reporting access can be provided in tiers such as shop-level, district-level, corporate-level.  Today's Class Account Managers will help your team become familiar with how to take advantage of the available data.

Leverage Today's Class artificial intelligence and daily training to reinforce your company's standard operation procedures, preventive maintenance processes, and best practices.  Your Today's Class Account Manager can guide you through options for incorporating your content into the platform. 


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