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We are passionate about helping shops develop and support the most important part of their business: their people. Our goal is to provide consistent daily training for every shop team member who could benefit from increased knowledge on technical topics, customer management skills, or business processes.

We are initiating a change in the industry, shifting the focus away from the traditional training model to one that is dynamic, data-driven, and makes a measurable impact. Investing a few minutes daily into training and reinforcement is the key to seeing tangible results reflected in your business.

Adult Learning

Our Training Perspective

For decades, your team members had to disrupt their lives to take a day off work, give up a well-earned day off, or clear their evenings after working all day to attend a training event. How effective is that model for your business and your team? 

Adult learners are different, yet our industry still applies the K–12 education model to training. Studies have identified what motivates adults to learn, and Today's Class incorporates those motivators into our learning model.

Traditional training results in minimal knowledge retention. Our training reinforces the important content your team needs to know by using focused, bite-sized information to keep critical knowledge top of mind. 

Research has shown that people will generally forget 90% of what they "learn" within 30 days unless it is reinforced. But reinforcement isn't enough. We use a technique called forced recall to help create pathways within a learner's brain so they can recall information more effectively.

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