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Scale Performance Across Your Enterprise

Developing talent throughout your organization is essential for growth. We've eliminated the barrier that has held you back from developing your team and measuring that impact on the company's bottom line.  You can now cultivate your technicians, service advisors, and managers through adaptive and engaging learning tools proven to maximize learning potential and knowledge retention — all in just 3-5 minutes a day.

Join the enterprise organizations who are connecting with and developing their teams every day with Today's Class.


Daily Training Sessions


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Training for Your Entire Enterprise

Improve Performance in Your Enterprise

Training ensures your team has the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their job duties effectively and safely. But in large organizations, it is difficult to systemize training across all employees and keep everyone on the same page. Our learning platform connects to your frontline staff each day and utilizes artificial intelligence to improve their knowledge and confidence — resulting in performance improvement.

When organizations are able to improve performance at scale, they will decrease costs and boost productivity.  In addition, well-trained employees are less likely to make mistakes that risk damaging your brand. 

Impacting Large Organizations

The larger your organization is, the more difficult it can be to ensure your staff operations in a consistent manner.  Today's Class can help you provide steady, targeted training and communication to your frontline staff, drastically increasing your ability to deliver brand consistency.

 Many technicians in enterprise organizations don't have email, which means messaging is often passed down through layers of management.  With Today's Class, you can push a message directly to your staff and reinforce that message through daily training.

Today's Class includes advanced data analysis capabilities that allow enterprise organizations to correlate training data with organizational KPIs.  This allows organizations to measure the impact of training on metrics such as sales, parts spend, planned vs actual labor hours, and more.


Not Your Traditional Training

Daily Engagement

Drive continuous improvement through daily training, engagement, and communication.  Spend no more that 3-5 minutes a day to maximize your team's knowledge potential and reinforce standard operating procedures.


Inspire employees to engage through individual and team-based competitions, incentives and rewards.

Dynamic Content

Training content adapts to each user's strengths and weakness to optimize their learning experience

Mobile Accessible

Makes training accessible through any connected device.  The app is available for any mobile device and the platform can also be accessed via any web browser.

Community Support

Create company-specific discussion groups and share best practices, tech tips, and more among your team.

Real-Time Reporting

Easy-to-use reporting tools help you identify risks and opportunities.  Ensure you have the appropriate people with the needed skills to service your customers' vehicles.

Designed for the way we learn today.

Optimize the performance of your enterprise by investing in your team.

Content for Your

Take advantage of Today's Class industry-recognized content, but don't stop there.  Incorporate your organization's existing training content, SOPs, and best practices to create a unique learning experience for your team.

Advanced Driver
Assistance Systems

Advanced Vehicle


Drivetrain & Axles


Engine Performances
& Emissions

Engine Repair




Safety, Tools,
and Equipment

Service Writer
& Managerial

Steering, Suspension,
& Alignment

Tire and
Wheel Service

Create Your Own

Frequently Asked Questions

Today's Class offers a robust suite of integration capabilities.  Connect your corporate Learning Management System (LMS) to Today's Class to address HR requirements while also providing flexible training for your frontline technical staff.  Leverage Single Sign-On (SSO) to ensure rosters are current and access to the training is secured.

Leverage Today's Class artificial intelligence and daily training to reinforce your company's standard operation procedures, best practices, promotional campaigns, and more.  Your Today's Class Account Manager can guide you through options for incorporating your content into the platform. 

Enterprise organizations often provide their shops and employees with IT-managed workstations or tablets.  The Today's Class app can be installed on those devices and/or linked to via corporate IT solutions.


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