Drive Results for

Independent Shop Owners

Cultivate your team through adaptive, engaging learning that identifies and resolves individual knowledge gaps to boost shop performance.

All it takes is 3 to 5 minutes a day, and your team will actually retain what they learn.

Pain Points We Know How to Fix

Shop training challenges include time constraints and costly instructor-led or online courses and resistance to after-hours classes. These often lead to low morale and lost productivity causing a poor customer experience which leads to revenue loss.

Today's Class Technician employs smart tools that work to fix the broken elements of the traditional training approach.  Each learner is provided with a customized training experience at the level they need it, when they need it. One size does not fit all. Today's Class solves all of these challenges and more. 

Join shop owners who are benefiting from knowledge improvements in key areas.








Service Advisory



Steering & Suspension


Defeat Common Training Obstacles

Not Enough Time for In-Person Training

Finding the time for instructor-led training can be difficult for a busy team. With Today's Class you can give your technicians and service advisors a flexible and convenient online auto repair training option. The best part is that it's self-directed 

Lack of Relevant and Current Content

Automotive technology is quickly advancing, and finding current auto repair training can be difficult. Get access to updated technician courses so your team can keep up with the latest information.

Expensive Traditional Training Methods

Traditional, instructor-led courses are costly. Today's Class Technician is an affordable approach that helps you make informed decisions on your training spend.

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Specialized Training Needs

If your team is in need of advanced automotive training, look no further. Today's Class has specialized auto repair courses that are system-specific to give your team the exact information they need to get the job done. 

Auto body shop

Enhance Training at Your Shop

Training employees in any organization is important, and talent development in an automotive or fleet service shop is no different. It ensures that your team has the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their job duties effectively and safely. This leads to better quality repairs, increased customer satisfaction, and a reduction in mistakes and inefficiencies. Providing training also helps to retain top talent and keep them motivated. Technicians and service advisors who feel valued and supported by their employer are more likely to be engaged and committed to their work.

The automotive industry has traditionally focused on infrequent training events that take teams out of their day-to-day to maintain and learn new skills. Today’s Class challenges the status quo by providing a solution powered by data and AI to keep your team engaged while optimizing performance daily.

Consistent training helps your business stay up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques to improve your competitiveness and reputation in the market. Investing in your employees is investing in your business. Learn how Today’s Class makes this easy to do in 3 - 5 minutes a day.

Training for Your
Independent Repair Shop

Every team member serves a critical role in the success of your shop.  As an owner, if you're not investing in developing their talent, your shop isn't going to run at peak performance.

Have peace of mind that your team is working in the safest manner possible by monitoring everyone's knowledge and improvement in safety basics and best practices.

Save time and costs by pre-screening new job candidates and invest in your existing team by providing them with the tools and training they need to grow.

No more guesswork. Training results don't have to be difficult to measure. With the data Today’s Class develops, owners know the ROI of their training spend in real dollars contributed.

Mobile training for auto repair technicians

Not Your Traditional Training

Daily Engagements

Establish a learning culture at your shop. Offer training to your team each day in  3 - 5 minute increments.  Leverage data to identify employees who may be "at risk" from a retention perspective.


Inspire employees to engage through individual and team-based competitions, incentives and rewards.

Dynamic Content

Training content adapts to each users strengths and weakness to optimize their learning experience.

Mobile Accessible

Makes training accessible through any connected device.  The app is available for any mobile device and the platform can also be accessed via any web browser.

Community Support

Gain access to discussion groups and communicate with peers to learn or solve problems.

Real-Time Reporting

Quickly identify technician participation, their knowledge growth,  and levels.  Reporting tools accessible via mobile app and web.

Content Personalized for Your

Learn about the content paths available to your shop. From there, Today's Class will adapt training into bite-sized chunks using advanced algorithms to increase knowledge retention.

Advanced Driver
Assistance Systems

Advanced Vehicle


Drivetrain & Axles


Engine Performances
& Emissions

Engine Repair




Safety, Tools,
and Equipment

Service Writer
& Managerial

Steering, Suspension,
& Alignment

Tire and
Wheel Service

Create Your Own

Frequently Asked Questions

Instructor-led and hands-on training will always be a critical piece of the puzzle.  Today's Class will help you to determine who needs that extra level of training and in which areas.  Our data will help you target additional investments in training to ensure your money is spent wisely.

Absolutely.  Today's Class will identify the weaknesses for each learner and work to close those gaps.  Next, our use of question-based learning will help your team develop the "muscle memory" necessary to answer challenging questions (this often helps address test anxiety). Lastly, you will have enough data about your team to know who is ready for an ASE exam...and who isn't.  This allows you to set up each employee for success.

Our artificial intelligence will do the heavy lifting when it comes to pushing the right training to the right person at the right time. Your primary job will be to hold your team accountable for training consistently.  Most shop owners invest 5 - 10 minutes per day ensuring their team is training and reviewing the data to inform business decisions.

In terms of setup, planning, and configuration, you will have access to a dedicated Account Manager from Today's Class to handle those details.  We'll be there to support you.

Today's Class offers training for technicians, service advisors, and managers.  Even your most experienced employees will have gaps in their knowledge.  Our platform will identify those gaps and close them in only 3 - 5 minutes per day.

What Clients Are Saying

The training offers a good mix that is broken up nicely and really keeps our employees engaged.  It is nice to receive training daily, keeping our employees on top of it.

Marc Davis
Marc’s Garage

We often received employee satisfaction surveys that asked for more professional training opportunities.  It is our goal as a company to provide our customers with exceptional service with a focus on safety, professionalism, and outstanding technical skills, so a partnership with Today’s Class Technician and TIA was a great fit for our needs.

The program is easy to manage and customized to our job descriptions, from trainees to management.  In about 5 minutes a day, our employees receive high-quality content that builds confidence and knowledge.  In our current job market, we consider this benefit to be something that sets us apart from the competition, and we have enjoyed the added bonus of rewarding our participants in fun and exciting ways.

Debbie Graham
Graham Truck Centers

You have a product that can revolutionize training. I have run into no one who does not like it.

Tom Ham
Auto Centric

Using Today’s Class Training led to a culture change within my shop. Learning and becoming a better technician is now a common topic of conversation.

The program is user friendly and easy to implement from a shop owner point of view.  I spend 10 minutes a day, as well as an additional hour per month administering the program.  I would highly recommend Today’s Class Training to any shop owner who is looking to inject some training into their shop's culture.

Tom Sumwalt
Tom's Auto Center

My young guys love it because it allows them access to 24/7 training. It is such a nice talking point in one-on-one conversation, and I also love that I can see training results and problem areas allowing me another conversation point when needed.

My seasoned guys love the multiple levels of training. They want to get to level 4 just to prove what they got! Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price!!

Mike Veenstra
Veenstra’s Garage

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