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Signs Your Auto Technicians Are Burnt Out

Technician burnout can affect your team more than you might realize, so it's crucial to look for warning signs. Recognizing these signs early allows you to address the issue before it becomes a...


Tips for Customizing Training Plans for Your Team

No two team members are exactly the same, meaning your training should be as unique as each employee. From seasoned veterans to fresh faces, learners have differing needs and skill levels. To help...


The Role of AI in Automotive Technician Training

When it comes to training, embracing cutting-edge technology is key to staying ahead. The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into automotive education marks a significant leap in creating...

automotive training

Revolutionizing Automotive Training: Harnessing Data for Success

As new, more complex car models hit the market, the importance of keeping your team members sharp and well-trained cannot be overstated. But with such rapid advancements, how do you ensure your team...

Today’s Class and AMRA/MAP Collaborate

Bring Uniform Inspection and Communication Standards to Shop Owners’, Service Advisors’ and Automotive Technicians’ Fingertips Today’s Class & the Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association’s...

Service Manager Tips for Improving a New Auto Technician's Skills

Hiring a new technician is much more than just expanding your team; it's an opportunity to mold the future of your auto repair shop. As a service manager, your role in championing the continuous...


How to Use Data to Improve Technician Training Programs

When new vehicle models roll out faster than ever, and each one is more complex than the last, keeping your technicians sharp and skilled is essential for your survival. But how do you ensure they're...

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