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How Training Enhances Interpersonal Skills in the Auto Industry

In our industry, there tends to be an emphasis on technical achievements, while interpersonal skills are overlooked. Skills like communication and teamwork don't get the spotlight they deserve,...


One-Size-Fits-All vs. Personalized Training in Auto Education

The way you train your workforce is at the core of your shop's success. As technology reshapes the landscape, the role of the traditional one-size-fits-all approach is shifting. Delve into the realm...


Tips to Recruit Talent Amid the Tech Shortage

These days, finding the right talent can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Skilled technicians are the lifeblood of any successful auto repair business, but finding and retaining these...


Top 8 Skills Automotive Technicians Need for Success

For those who have a knack for all things mechanical, becoming a skilled technician may seem effortless. However, excelling in this field requires a diverse skill set that extends beyond routine...


The Future of Automotive Training: How Technology is Changing the Game

For many years, traditional classroom learning has been the norm in our industry. However, as our industry continues to evolve, it’s become crucial to adapt our training methods and meet the growing...


Training vs. Hands-On Experience: Striking a Balance for Optimal Performance in Auto Shops

If there's one constant in our industry, it's the enduring need to grow and expand our skill sets. However, the real challenge lies in deciding how to go about enhancing these skills. Should you opt...


Questions to Ask Candidates When Hiring for Automotive Technicians

As a shop owner, one truth stands out above all: the caliber of your technicians can make or break your business. Your reputation, customer satisfaction, and the future success of your shop are...

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