5 Reasons to Measure Team Training ROI

June 27, 2023

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Our industry is a competitive space, which means that shops need to be able to see real, meaningful returns on their investments — especially when it comes to team training. By understanding the importance of ROI measurement, you can make your shop’s operations more efficient. Plus, you can better retain employees, easily make informed decisions, and so much more. Join us as we discuss five reasons why you should be measuring team training ROI at your shop and how it can give you the edge you need. 

1.Identify Training Effectiveness 

Measuring the impact training has on your team is fundamental to understanding whether it's moving the needle for your business. With powerful, in-depth data, you can see how well your team is learning in real-time. With the ability to see not only where your team is succeeding and thriving, but also where they need improvement, you have more control over your training initiatives. This data lets you as the owner know that you're getting your money's worth for your training spend, and helps you understand exactly how to assist your team. 

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As an owner, the success of your team's training is directly tied to the success of your shop. But did you know how important training can be to your technicians and service advisors as well? 41% of employees consider career advancement to be a very important factor to their job satisfaction. While training data is helpful for you to identify effectiveness, it's also instrumental in helping your team visualize their own improvement. Your team can see first-hand the effort and investment you as the owner are putting into expanding their skill sets and helping them improve. The more satisfied they feel with their training, the more satisfied they'll feel in their role.

3.Enhance Efficiency 

Efficiency is a crucial component to your shop's overall success. The more efficient your team is, the higher your car count will be, and the more revenue your shop will generate. When you measure the ROI of your training initiatives, you'll be able to identify if training has led to improved productivity, reduced downtime, fewer errors, and streamlined workflows. With ROI data, you'll also have necessary information to allocate time and resources more efficiently. 

4.Align Training with Organizational Goals 

Measuring team training ROI helps ensure that training efforts are aligned with your shop's specific goals. By tracking the ROI data, you can evaluate the extent to which your team's  training is helping you create meaningful progress where it matters most. Training for training's sake isn't going to result in a measurable impact for your shop. It's important to first identify which areas of your business you're looking to improve, and focus your training initiatives around those specific goals. With a more targeted approach, you'll leverage ROI data to measure whether or not team training is perfectly aligned with your business goals. 

person standing on two arrows5.Make Educated Decisions 

Training decisions for your shop should never be made blindly. It's an important investment in your team, which means every choice should be carefully considered. When you send an employee off-site for instructor-led training, there's a large cost to your shop. Not only are you losing revenue generated by that person, you're also paying for wages, meals, travel, and the training itself. Making this investment in training is often necessary, but there should be data to support these decisions. By measuring your team training ROI you'll be empowered to make informed training choices that drive progress for your shop. 

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Stop Guessing, Start Measuring 

Measuring team training ROI is an important part of knowing whether or not training initiatives are paying off. It's time to stop wondering if training is working. Our team would love to show you how Today's Class can help you measure your team training ROI, so be sure to contact us soon.

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