Is Today's Class Right for Your Shop?

Optimize your Today's Class experience

The Today's Class training approach requires consistency and accountability that not every shop can meet. Our most successful customers create a learning culture, participate in training consistently, and hold their teams accountable.

Shop leaders who are engaged with their team and the Today's Class team are more successful (and see a related business impact) than those who aren't.

Your team's consistent daily training is the most important factor in determining if Today's Class is right for your shop. On average, each team member should spend 3 to 5 minutes training at least 4 days per week. 

What Our Customers Say

Don't just take our word for it! In this video, hear from our customers about how Today's Class helped them solve the problem of effective, time-efficient training in their shops. 

How Today's Class Solves Shop Training Challenges

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Hear from Shop this must work, what your expectations should be, etc.  The question we asked these folks was "What would you tell a shop leader considering TC??"


Training Starts at the Top (or something...)

In this video, shop leaders share how successful training with Today's Class requires a top-down approach.

Tina notes 5/7:

Maybe start at :31 where he talks about being intentional with implementation

Guy in black shirt is talking about resources and seems off theme with the rest, could we cut?

Maybe cut AJ's tool bonus story






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Hear from technicians and service advisors about their TC experience.  Share this with your team to get their feedback or what their expectations are on training...use this to spark some discussion.


Something about learning experience

Today's Class is different from any other training solution you've tried. Hear from our clients on how learning with Today's Class has transformed their shops.

Tina notes 5/7:

the video linked here seems more about the learning experience, not really 'setting expectations'

it's a long video, could we cut down to a minute or less and focus on how the platform offers a variety of learning levels maybe?


"Learning is Infectious" [quote from video], Play Video

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Something about fun, engaging, competition, etc.

In this video, technicians and service advisors talk about how the platform triggers conversations, drives competition, and creates a culture of learning in the shop.

Tina notes 5/7:

start at 1:11 with guy in black shirt and "we love it" (which is a really strong intro!)


Finally, an engaging way to train, Play Video

Determining Fit:
Our 90-Day Launch Program

Our 90-day program gives your shop the full Today's Class experience. While you evaluate how well we fit your business objectives, we'll consider your shop's engagement and performance.

We develop lasting relationships with our customers. The 90-Day Launch Program helps us identify long-term customers committed to our approach while customers learn whether we fit their needs.

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Hear from Our Customers

"No Excuses" (drive engagement)

"Learning is Infectious" (setting expectations for team)

"You Do Need to Be Intentional" (to be successful)


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