Midas Pilot of Today's Class

Beginning on Monday, July 31, six Midas stores will begin their pilot of Today's Class.  Today's Class will deliver training to each participant in 3 - 5 minutes sessions (Mon - Fri).  The training you receive will be personalized based on your job role, your strengths, and your areas of improvement.

Getting started is easy.  Instructions for downloading the Today's Class app or accessing online are below.  When logging in, most users will input their Midas Gateway username and an initial password of "learning".  For example, if your Midas Gateway username is timsmith, you will initially log in with:

Username: timsmith

Password: learning

If your Midas Gateway username does not work, try your email address.  If you don't know your username, please contact your store manager.

Please direct any questions you have to Glen Nicholson (gnicholson@midas.com).  Thank you for participating in this pilot!

Getting Started with Today’s Class

iOS App

For iPhone and iPad users

Android App

For Android users


Access online


Access Today's Class

  1. Log in with username provided by your manager and learning as your temporary password.
  2. Create a new password, set up your profile, and review and accept our user agreement.
  3. Now you will be on your LearnerZone page and receive training based on your user settings.
    Note: Not all organizations push Daily Training on weekends, so you may not receive a training session until Monday.

2700 Corporate Drive
Suite 200
Birmingham, AL 35242

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