Leverage Smart Phones to Maximize Technician Learning Potential

September 04, 2020

Written by:
David Boyes

President of Today's Class, David Boyes and Director of Professional Services, Paul Pate sit down with Carm Capriotto of Remarkable Results Radio to discuss how to leverage smart phones to maximize technicians learning potential. 

In this show, the team will highlight the following:
  • The automotive industry has changed over the last 20 years.
    • Less patient, want information immediately
    • Expectations are higher for format and accessibility and desire for information to be targeted
  • How to make training more efficient for your shop
    • jump in and get knowledge, ask and answer questions then move on
  • Vehicles are rapidly changing
    • have to change training from event based to daily part of culture  
  • Today’s Class  focuses on what you need to learn
    • Focused on data to make experience impactful
    • Traditional learning management system (LMS) the learner signs up for a class vs training sessions day to day basis 4-6 minutes long, assesses and trains you from foundation level, as gathers more data it can start push new content, or focus on new release (technology or safety) or knowledge retention
    • Confidence plays a role in employee performance- measure confidence and knowledge over time, and track weaknesses through algorithm. 
    • Employees can evaluate team individually with strengths and weaknesses    
    • Don’t have “Tests” instead it is termed Adaptive Learning Interactions- wrong answers are greeted with why it was wrong and why the correct answer is correct. Not designed to quiz or test technicians but to teach.
  • Technicians enrolled in Today’s Class
    • High engagement with technicians logging in multiple times a week because short classes
    • Rewards points allows them to compete with each other    
    • COVID-19 reassured where online training is going
    • Forced businesses to find different way to train

To listen to the full interview, visit Remarkable Results Radio: https://hubs.ly/Q01wBqG-0


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