How To Increase Your Shop's Performance

June 07, 2023

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When you think about boosting your shop's performance, increasing your car count or average repair order might be the first things that come to mind. Of course, those are definitely areas you should focus on, but are you also focusing on your team? Your people are at the core of your shop's operations, so in order to increase your shop's performance, it's crucial to invest in developing their skills. 

Make a Commitment to Training 

If you want to see a measurable increase in your shop's output, a commitment to training is the first step — but we don't mean just a commitment from your technicians. To truly invest in your team's development, dedication to training should start from leadership. A culture of learning must be fostered by managers and owners for training to be impactful. 

Measurable growth requires consistent, sustained effort, which means training needs to become a habit, not a chore. When a culture of learning is cultivated by those in charge, your team is more likely to make a stronger commitment to their own training. 

Daily training allows your team to make learning a more sustainable, regular practice. In just a few minutes a day, your technicians and advisors can build their skill sets and can make learning a daily habit.

Measure Your Team's Progress 

We all have that superstar technician that we're afraid to lose in the midst of this tech shortage. They're a critical part of the team, and it's easy to feel entirely dependent on them. 

Anything can happen at any time, which means it's important to make the development of your other technicians a priority to not only decrease your dependency on just one tech, but create a stronger, more productive team overall. A well-balanced team also allows you as the owner to have a greater flexibility to run your shop the way you want. 

When you implement daily training into your shop's routine, you can provide all of your team members with content tailored to their level of expertise and position requirements, and track their progress over time. To increase your shop's performance, you need to be able to oversee and manage your team's training, and you can't manage what you don't measure. 

With in-depth reports you can see exactly where your team members need more support. As your team members increase their own performance, you'll begin to see that growth reflected in your shop as well. 

Increase Productivity 

car with hood open in auto repair shopBoosting the efficiency of your team is essential to increasing the productivity and performance of your shop. The quicker jobs get done, the more jobs your team can handle, and the more revenue you can generate. 

Knowledge retention is at the center of a speedy and streamlined workflow within your shop. With daily training, your team members are constantly reinforcing new knowledge, allowing them to quickly recall important information right away. When technicians have to stop a job to look up the answer to a question, this can inhibit workflow and slow down productivity. 

Daily training also ensures that your team is prepared for whatever comes into the shop. With an under-trained team you might have to turn away customers simply because your team doesn't have the skill set to service that particular job. By consistently developing their skill sets, you're setting your team and your shop up for success. 

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Start Enhancing Your Shop's Performance Today 

Increasing your shop's performance starts with growing and developing your team. By making training a daily part of your shop, you'll begin to see real, tangible changes in your shop's output and performance. It's time to invest in your team to help your shop thrive, and that's where we come in. Get in contact with our team today to learn more about how we can help your team grow tomorrow. 


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