Preparing Your Team for a Changing Industry

April 26, 2023

Written by:
Today's Class Team

It's no secret the automotive industry is undergoing a shift — vehicle technology is rapidly changing, technicians are in short supply, and shops everywhere have been feeling the effects. This can leave shop owners, service advisors, and technicians all wondering what they can do to deal with these ever-evolving challenges. 

We know that this can feel overwhelming, but we've all successfully navigated the introduction of new technology before. Back up cameras and lane assist functions were once brand new and groundbreaking automotive technology, but we have since adapted. 

While the struggle to find qualified personnel is unprecedented, we have proven ourselves time and time again to be a resilient industry. 

Despite the challenges, overcoming these hurdles and preparing your team for the future is easier than it may seem. 

Adjusting to Evolving Technology 

Within the next decade, the automotive landscape will look radically different than it doesperson plugging in electric car today. While new technologies have popped up in recent years, vehicles with even more advanced computers and components will be here before we know it.

All major manufacturers are developing and releasing not only hybrids, but fully electric vehicles. It is only a matter of time until EVs become the dominant type of vehicle on the road, and technicians will need to evolve their knowledge and skill sets to accommodate this shift. 

Navigating the new high-voltage systems can be challenging for technicians who only have experience with ICE engines, even with years of experience under their belts. Additionally, vehicle computers are growing more complex each year, requiring more advanced knowledge from your technicians. For your team to thrive in a changing market, they'll need access to training that can help them expand their skills.

Navigating the Technician Shortage 

As you know, finding experienced, qualified technicians feels like a perpetual uphill battle. Those who have been in the industry for decades are beginning to retire, and there aren't enough younger technicians to fill the gaps. 

Old approaches to current challenges in recruiting, training, and developing fall short. It's vital that shop owners and operators are open to trying new strategies to survive. A strong, in-house training program like Today's Class will help develop your more inexperienced new hires, while strengthening the skills of your existing team. 

Adapting Your Team's Training  

With an ever-changing industry, it's important to have training that can meet your team's growing needs. To stay current and competitive, your team's training must evolve. 


Until recently, automotive training remained virtually unchanged since its inception — long, instructor-led sessions taught in one sitting. While this type of training will always be relevant, daily training is the powerful tool you need to adapt to industry changes. 

Staying current with the automotive industry doesn't have to be stressful. With daily training, your team can learn new information in just a few minutes a day. Daily training breaks down new information into smaller, more understandable parts. Consistently reinforcing this information daily helps boost long term knowledge and recall so your team can be better prepared for an evolving industry. 


When developing your in-house training, a one-size-fits all model isn't always the best route for everyone. Different team members have different educational needs based on their jobs and experiences. With tailored content paths, everyone can access material that's best suited to their job and experience level.


Data is the future of training in the automotive industry. How do you know if your training approach is working? Our real-time reports help you understand your team's progress — see who might need extra support, and who's exceeding expectations. Easily measure the impact training is having on your shop so you know with certainty your goals are being met. 

Get Started 

Is your team prepared for what lies ahead? Let us help you develop your team. We'd love to learn more about your shop, so let's find some time to talk.

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